Don started writing at age 54, after reading an article about e-books. He thought, "I might have a crack at this." He wrote 5 Short Stories as Don Bambrick.

Ten years later, Don has 8 books in print, and more stories are coming.

Currently, Don works away as an early start forklift operator unloading freight off long haul trucks. The things you do to keep the debt wolf at bay.

When not working, Don relaxes at his rainforest bush retreat, in the Capricorn Coast hinterland.  After work pursuits include environmental clean ups, more writing, home renovations, gardening, photographing wildlife on his bush block, and watching Sci Fi DVD's, and documentaries. Favourites are Doctor Who, Professor Brain Cox, and Sir David Attenborough.

Many stories have a character Whovians will recognise.

Hopefully, more stories will be in print in the years to come.