Charlie Living Twice. A man dies trying to save a girl in the surf. She dies too. Lifesavers manage to save them both, but both experience an out of body moment as they see themselves being resuscitated. Charlie, the man who dies, has a feeling of choice. His thought is that the girl is beautiful, and that he hopes they save her.

Lachlan Campbell. A Scottish Knight returning from the crusades and finds love in the most unexpected place. 

Abducted. An alien abduction story. A humorous look at how aliens would see us. 

Dirty Money. A naive man thinks he can change the worlds banking system and eradicate debt.

And Old Ralph. A high man forced to flee and live amongst common village folk. He finds love and acceptance
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The hunt for the chameleon

A person or entity known as Chameleon is releasing documents from all the worlds' governments. A task force is set up, and lead by a brilliant mind. The trouble is, they don't know if he is the man they seek.
A series of otherwise unconnected tales, all affected by Chameleon.
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This is a series of stories reflecting on themes from the great classic rock songs. 
Many will recall the titles.


Dimity's Dragons is a future Earth and Space exploration story. 

Global warming is killing earth. Sea levels have risen - and a super warm planet is causing severely destructive storms and erratic weather. 

A brilliant young woman develops a theorem for faster than light space travel, and mankind begins the slow expansion into space. A planet is found, although barren, it can support life. With a suitable atmosphere, similar gravity and water in the frozen polar caps - a colonisation starts. However, decades later, monsters attack and the colonists struggle desperately to survive.

In another world recently discovered, a young surveyor finds a portal, through which are dragons. She manages to befriend these dragons, who are sentient, and can mind speak. They guard ships left long before by another race of beings.Because of her mind link to these dragons, she can operate these ancient, but extremely powerful craft. She goes to war with the monsters and defeats them. However, the knowledge bank of the craft reveals that the monsters live on many worlds.

A mysterious human looking man of Earth folklore, called The Healer - appears throughout. As an old woman, this one human again goes to war, alone, again believing she will die for her people, against as many as 2 and 1/2 million craft. It is the war to end all space wars.
At the last minute, her oldest friend, the Dragon Queen Lorr,  joins the battle, and breathes fire on the monsters, who are also enemies of the Dragons.


A sequel to Dimity's Dragons.

Set after the battles, it tells the story of the race that left the craft for Dimity to fight the monsters. 

Sh'Dn -

the girl who wrote

A mixed bag of interesting short stories.A little girl is selected to try for the seat of wisdom, to prevent war on another world. but she must grow up and learn life and wisdom first. She tells some horrific history first, and it scares her parents.The rarest jewel in the universe fall almost to the feet of a travelling man, and people die for this Sky Diamond.A boy becomes a cadet journalist and retells the life of an aging First World War veteran. and it is horrible.A man must drag himself out of an almost hermit existence to save a young woman. He must re-join the world for her.Another man finds himself to be the 'Last Man On Earth', and it is not fun.A steamy tale of love in the Australian Bush, and Jess gets her man.Another tale has the worlds largest Marlin, and there is great motivation for the angler to land it. a very steamy tale.A Japanese tourist encounters a strange man at a billabong. He is scared afterwards.A professor is writing an explosive alternate history of world history of the Twentieth Century, but dies. One of his students has all the files and the almost completed book. it scares him.


This is a series of short and not so short stories. It convers the life of a dinosaur, creation, a form of magic, environmental and science fiction themes, and has elements of standard and heretic religious themes.

Earth warrior is dedicated, like this book, to all of you, out there, who fight in each and every way, for the environment and cleaner world.



Helen is a woman - a professional safe smith, employed at arms length, by a debt recovery company owned by a secret British government agency.

It is a front.

Helen is often called in to open safes by police enacting search warrants. Other times, she is covertly flown into other countries to covertly crack safes of people who might have items or information of interest to HM government.

In this story, she is flown deep into Russia to crack a safe owned by a former KGB officer - now heavily involved with Russian Mafia.

She does so with two former SAS soldiers. They just manage to escape, but become hunted by the Mafia, and their own side. In the safe, along with stolen jewellery, and a lot of documents and computer discs, was a box. In the box was an ancient book. In it was an account of how Jesus's travelled to the Himalayas after his rising from the dead, with his wife and their children.

The book could shatter Christianity It is a test of the faith of Helen.